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Sponsorship & Advertisement Opportunities

Promote your organization's products & services to the highly qualified audience at PORTS® '22! 

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sean Scully at (703) 295-6154, or Trevor Williams at (703) 295-6349.



Sponsorship Levels

Five levels of sponsorship are available for PORTS® '22 — Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper. All sponsors at each level will be recognized at all the events listed. For instance all Platinum sponsors will be recognized at the Ice Breaker Reception and the Evening Gala. Sponsors and Exhibitor can add any of the advertising opportunities onto their package. 

Premier – $20,000 and up

Exclusive package built to suit (includes exhibit booth, pre-conference email to attendees, advertising opportunities, and recognition at Platinum events)

Platinum – $10,000

  • Ice Breaker Welcome Reception
    Platinum sponsorship prominently displays your company’s logo as a sponsor of the kickoff conference event, the Ice Breaker Welcome Reception. This event gives sponsors the opportunity to network with their peers and generate future business contacts. One of the most heavily attended events; the reception ensures great exposure for your company as it’s a highly attended event.

  • Evening Gala
    Platinum sponsorship also prominently displays your company’s logo as a sponsor of the premier conference event, the Evening Gala. Attendees always appreciate getting a chance to relax and socialize, and this event allows PORTS ‘22 attendees to do just that. It’s an excellent exposure and networking opportunity as it’s the highest-profile event of the conference.

Gold – $7,500

  • Awards Luncheon
    A longtime favorite of PORTS Conference attendees; your gold sponsorship allows your company to gain exposure and show its support for individuals who have done great things for the ports and harbors industry.
  • Exhibit Hall Luncheons
    Gold sponsorship also allows your company to gain exposure at the Exhibit Hall Luncheons. These are ideal for an exhibiting company as they’re held in the Exhibit Hall and are highly attended events.
  • Young Professionals Reception
    Looking to educate future leaders in the ports and harbors industry on your company or product? Gold sponsorship gives your company exposure at this event as well as the opportunity to support tomorrow’s leaders.

Silver – $5,000

  • Refreshment Breaks
    Refreshment breaks are always highly attended which makes them good networking opportunities and a great way to gain exposure for your company.
  • Speaker/Moderator Meet and Greet
    Sponsorship of the speaker networking events are a great way to gain direct exposure for your company with experts in the ports and harbors industry.

Bronze – $3,000

  • Student Professional Development Event
    Support the future of the ports and harbors profession as a sponsor of this unique event which gives your company exposure to educators and students.

Advertising Opportunities

The following advertising opportunities are available to all sponsors and exhibitors on a first-come, first-serve basis:

  • Wireless Internet Access (3 Available) – $10,000 per day
    Put your company’s name front and center as the conference’s wireless internet access network. This advertising opportunity places your company’s name front and center as the wireless internet access network (‘Company Name’ PORTS ’22 Internet Access) which ensures maximum daily exposure to all conference attendees.
  • Conference Registration Bag (1 Available) – $7,500 - Sponsored by Whitman, Requardt and Associates
  • Mobile Application (1 Available) – $7,500 - Sponsored by Collins Engineers
  • Conference Lanyards (1 Available) - $5,000 - Sponsored by WSP
  • Conference Hotel Key Cards (1 Available) – $5,000 - Sponsored by KPFF
  • PDH Scanning Stations (3 Available) – $3,000 per day 
    PORTS ’22 will feature PDH scanning stations outside of each technical session. This advertising opportunity is a great way to get exposure to conference attendees.
  • In-Room Nightly Amenity (3 Available) – $3,000 each
    Relay a personalized company message to conference attendees at the end of their busy day! ASCE will work with you to create just the right thought and presentation. Sponsors purchase the gift or memento to be delivered by the hotel. One exclusive sponsorship is available per night.
  • Laser Pen/Slide Advancer – $2,500 - Sponsored by Appledore Marine Engineering
  • Program Sponsor – $3,000 - Sponsored by ShibataFenderTeam Inc. 
  • Conference Survey (1 Available) – $2,000
    Your company logo and banner ad will be prominently displayed in the conference survey email sent to all attendees during and after the conference.
  • Conference Program Bookmark (1 Available) – $2,000
    Your company logo will be prominently displayed as the bookmark insert into the conference program. Insert/bookmark to be provided by company (with guidance from ASCE).
  • Tossable Microphone Box (Multiple Available) – $2,000 per day
    Include your company’s logo in a fun, new way with Tossable Microphones which are used during question and answer times. As the big and colorful microphones make their way around the room, so will your logo!
  • Pre-Conference Short Courses (Multiple Available) – $1,000 each
    Sponsor one of the PORTS ‘22 Conference Short Courses to spotlight your company in a focused segment of the industry. Be recognized on the marketing materials and opening slide and put your promotional materials on the chairs.
  • Technical Tours (Multiple Available) – $1,000 each
    Sponsorship of the technical tours provides great exposure for your company.
  • Prize Giveaways (Multiple Available to Event/Activity Sponsors) – $500 each
    Sponsor a prize giveaway to generate special “buzz” for your company at an event or activity that your company is sponsoring! Randomly selected registrants will receive a prize during giveaways at predetermined events and activities. Prize to be provided by company (with guidance from ASCE).

Interested in becoming a Cooperating Organization?

Download Application

Government agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations with an interest in Ports are invited to become Cooperating Organizations. There is no financial commitment or risk. The only requirement is to help publicize the conference to your constituents via your magazine, newsletter, and/or website. We also suggest that you provide the Planning Committee with your guidance and suggestions for potential short courses and session proposals. In return, the Conference will post your organization’s name and web link below and will list it in all subsequent printed promotional pieces.

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