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Technical Program

Accepted Papers

PORTS ’22 Itinerary Planner

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Event Data

  • Nearly 200 Technical Presentations
    • Port Engineering   42%
    • Environmental   18%
    • Port Planning & Operations   9%
    • Port Infrastructure   8%
    • Terminal Planning & Design   7%
    • Navigation & Waterways   6%
    • Equipment and Systems   4%
    • Other   3%
    • Project Delivery   3%
    • Landside Connections   2%
  • Presenters from 15 Countries representing 85 organizations

NOTE TO AUTHORS: All accepted presenters and moderators are required to register and attend the conference. Before submitting, confirm you can attend the conference. 

Due to the overwhelming response to past calls for papers and the success of the PORTS conference series, PORTS ’22 will maintain an expanded and diverse technical program. This expanded program provides additional opportunities to present ideas and experiences—including entire sessions devoted to panel/round-table discussions of timely topics and presentations of materials, processes, and equipment relevant to the maritime development community particularly focused on early career engineers. Proceedings will be available online to all registered attendees after the conference.

The PORTS Conference series is internationally recognized as an outstanding opportunity to network with hundreds of professionals who share similar challenges and concerns. Please join us in Honolulu, Hawaii, on September 18–21, 2022. The COPRI Ports and Harbors Committee invites you to become part of the PORTS conference tradition of advancing the art and science of port engineering and improving our maritime world.

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